1. adventurehaunt:

    Im a dirty vamp

  2. New Tsura ref

  3. its finally time

  4. riverside wip

  5. I super love my characters

  6. A new Marin ref pic with updated pants

  7. practice~

  8. Sometimes ya just gotta draw cute girls


    Been playing the Smash Bros demo! Megaman and Villager are a lot of fun. I hope the ORAS demo comes out stateside as well.


  10. pokestory:

    "Bonsoir trainers!

    I hope you are all doing well! As for me? Well I’ve been very busy! It seems like you all have been busy too, since the emails from trainers have died down. Here’s a reminder that we’re still accepting people to join PokeStory until October 1st! Anyone who wants to join after the cut off date would sadly have to wait untill the next PokeStory zine. I hate to cut the call for artists off after Oct 1st, but I want to allow all of you wonderful trainers enough time to tell me your stories before the official submission date! Participants will then have until November 1st to hand in their submissions. No late work allowed!

    If you are still interested in contributing, send us an e-mail with your name (username, twitter handle, etc.) and website/art blog to pokestory.zine@gmail.com. If you want to learn more about submitting click here, or if you just want to learn more about PokeStory in general, click here! Check out the FAQ and the first Pokestory issue, or shoot us an ask if you have any more questions!”

    -Prof. Coco

    (via qknc)