Sorry for no new page last week! I got a new work schedule and wound up with no time for comics. I readjusted my comic time now so it should be fine. I went to SPX yesterday! Got a lot of cool comics and talked to a lot of cool ppl. It really inspired me to work!!!


  2. beach-side Marin

  3. YAYEE HAppy birthday nargyle! I got to meet you at Otakon thank you for the wonderful commissions ヽ(´∀`)ノ

  4. nanseidex:

    Tetantrum->(Trade with Shelk)->Wrathorn

  5. style frame for my senior film

  6. doodles

  7. practice for my senior film

  8. Island Hopper enemy doodles

  9. couple of friends~


    CHAPTER TWO BEGINS NEXT WEEK! I’ve managed to post pages the majority of the summer so im pretty proud of myself. I feel good starting up other projects soon c: